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Name:Mulvane Brethren Church
Location:310 S. Central St. Mulvane, KS 67110
Mulvane, KS
First Building:12/1900-12-30/1900
Closing Date:0/0000-00-00/0
Change of Affiliation:
Closing Reason:Closed
Other Names Known By:Bethel Brethren Church
First Service:Lone Star Schoolhouse
Founding Pastors:Daniel Harader
Subsequent Building:Schoolhouse became church building, dedicated December 3Building dismantled and moved to new location, dedicated April 27, 1947 Sanctuary remodeled, dedicated September 5, 1954 Fellowship hall built, 1984
Ordinations:William winter; Jerry A. Grieve, Sept. 14, 1969; James Cole, May 3, 1974; Reilly R. Smith, July 11, 1986
Missionaries:william & Sharon Winter
Daughter Churches:Derby, KS, New Hieghts Christian Fellowship
Quote From Church:Encouraging Each Other to Passionately Follow Christ We are a unique Brethren congregation as we seek to carry out our mission. We do so through our regular ministries of Sunday School, Sunday worship, Wednesday Bible study, children's programming, Wome


Name: Start: End:
Harader, Daniel 1884 1898
Wood, Levi 1899 1907
Keck, Elmer 1936 1938
Pence, Mary 1940 1941
Thomas, Wilbur 1946 1951
Madoski, Robert 1960 1962
Barber, Carl 1964 1970
Bennett, Leonard 1974 1978
Powell, David 1979 1985
Smith, Reilly 1985 1995
Hanna, Joseph 1997 2002
Sigle, Dennis 2002 N/A