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300th Anniversary Logo
Name:First Brethren Church of Sarasota
Location:150 N. Shade Ave. Sarasota, FL 33237
Sarasota, FL
First Building:1/1958-01-12/1958
Closing Date:0/0000-00-00/0
Change of Affiliation:
Closing Reason:
Other Names Known By:
First Service:First services held in home of Vanators and Mohlers
Founding Pastors:Fred C. Vanator
Subsequent Building:Building dedicated Jan. 12, 1958 Educational building dedicated Feb. 16, 1964 New Sanctuary dedicated Dec. 27, 1970 Church remodeled, dedicated Dec. 6, 1992
Ordinations:William M. Ross, Oct. 21, 1973; Robert M. Dillard, June 25, 1978
Missionaries:Robert Dillard, Juanita Dillard, Timothy Solomon, Janet Solomon, Kenneth Solomon, Carolyn Solomon
Daughter Churches:Crossroads Community Church, Bradenton, FL. Sarasota Iglesia De Los Hermanos, Sarastoa, FL.
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Name: Start: End:
Vanator, Fred 1954 1956
Lichtenberger, Lyle 1956 1959
Stewart, Clarence 1959 1960
Hamel, Bud (Joseph) 1960 1989
Gray, Daniel 1989 1994
Stone, David 1997 N/A