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300th Anniversary Logo
Name:Raystown Brethren Church
Location:10056 Raystown Rd. Saxton, PA 18678 (at Marysville, between Saxton & Riddleburg on PA 26)
Saxton, PA
First Building:5/1922-05-07/1922
Closing Date:0/0000-00-00/0
Change of Affiliation:
Closing Reason:
Other Names Known By:
First Service:Church organized in 1921, a union of Bunker Hill and Liberty congregations.
Founding Pastors:Building dedicated May 7, 1922
Subsequent Building:
Daughter Churches:
Quote From Church:We, the people of the Raystown Brethren Church, boldly seek intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to develop- ing positive relationships that will gener- ate within us His unconditional love to all people. Our core values: Compassio


Name: Start: End:
Smith, Eugene 1922 1923
Crick, William 1925 1927
Flora, Earl 1931 1933
Singer, Ralph 1946 1948
Shaal, Rockne 1967 1972
Blattenberger, H. 1982 1983
Norris, Robert 1989 1992
Chamberlain, Alfred 1994 N/A