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300th Anniversary Logo
Name:Wayne Heights Brethren Church
Location:120 Strickler Ave. Waynesboro, PA 17268
Waynesboro, PA
First Building:12/1951-12-01/1951
Closing Date:0/0000-00-00/0
Change of Affiliation:
Closing Reason:
Other Names Known By:
First Service:Congregation organized Spring, 1950 First services held in Maccabees Hall
Founding Pastors:
Subsequent Building:Portable chapel, 1951 Church building dedicated May 3, 1953 Sunday school annex added, 1975
Ordinations:James C. Koontz, July 19, 1981
Daughter Churches:
Quote From Church:The Wayne Heights Brethren Church desires to remain faithful to Biblical Chrstianity and the great doctrines of historic Christianity. We desire to develop mature believers in Christ and reach out to those who need salvation. In everything, we pray that


Name: Start: End:
Leatherman, Noble 1951 1960
Allison, Richard 1961 1963
Ankrum, Freeman(Samuel) 1961 1961
McCann, Marlin 1963 1967
Mills, John 1968 1970
Bates, Henry 1971 1988
Knight, Daniel 1989 1992
Walton, Harold 1992 2013
Funkhouser, Mitchell, 2015 N/A