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Name:Saint Luke Brethren Church
Location:3520 Back Rd. Woodstock, VA (VA 42, W. of Woodstock, right 3 mi. on 605)
Woodstock, VA
First Building:6/1870-06-01/1870
Closing Date:0/0000-00-00/0
Change of Affiliation:
Closing Reason:
Other Names Known By:
First Service:Congregation organized before 1870 First services held at Old Oak Grove meetinghouse
Founding Pastors:
Subsequent Building:Church building built ca. 1870 Church building remodeled, Sunday school rooms, dedicated Mar. 9, 1925 Addition to church building, dedicated October 12, 2014
Ordinations:Anthony Keim, Sept. 22, 2002
Daughter Churches:
Quote From Church:St. Luke Brethren Church goes back to 1870 and has been in its current location since 1981. It continues to experience the faith- fulness of God. As we move forward in this century as a Brethren Church, we have found a new and growing excitement for rea


Name: Start: End:
Shaver, Emmanuel 1893 1893
Wisman, Peter 1895 1895
Wisman, Peter 1901 1926
Koontz, Claude 1918 1921
Chambers, George 1926 1929
Dodson, John 1930 1955
Lam, Fells 1955 1966
Shank, Glenn(Doc) 1966 1972
Naff, James 1976 1992
Benshoff, David 1992 2002
Keim, Anthony 2002 2010
Helsley, Freddie 2011 N/A