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Name:Cheyenne Brethren Church
Location:2600 E. 12th St. Cheyenne, Wy 82001
Cheyenne, WY
First Building:1/1949-01-01/1949
Closing Date:0/0000-00-00/0
Change of Affiliation:
Closing Reason:
Other Names Known By:
First Service:August 25, 1944; services held in homes
Founding Pastors:Frank W. Garber
Subsequent Building:Building built in 1949 Addition and remodeling; dedicated 11-21-1993
Ordinations:Del C. Lemon, Oct. 14, 1956; Michael L. Hurd, Nov. 22, 1970; G. Emery Hurd, Oct. 6, 1981; Jon L. Bouldin, 2005
Daughter Churches:
Quote From Church:We are over 100 miles from any other Brethren body, which forced the church to practice western self-reliance from its founding. Our unique mission is to the emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually hurting; bringing them into healthy relationsh B.E


Name: Start: End:
Garber, Frank 1944 1963
Garrett, Buck 1964 1968
Hurd, Michael 1969 1972
Baker, Larry 1975 1977
Curtright, Albert 1978 1983
Hurd, G 1984 N/A